BLISSFUL sunshine looks set to grace the America’s Cup World Series this weekend.
Last year’s event was a wash-out, with lashing rain and wind putting a dampener on the international spectacle.
However, this year’s event will be blessed with sunny, dry and warm weather.
A spokesman for the Met Office said that today will see the best of the sun, with highs hitting 24C to 25C.
Most of the day will be largely sunny, with occasional cloud coverage breaking up the scorching weather.
Wind will also be light, with a westerly breeze between 10 and 15mph.
The spokesman for the weather agency added: ‘It’s going to be fairly toasty in the mid-20s – maybe a touch warmer – and a little bit above average.’
There is a slim chance of light showers tonight into tomorrow. But the day will again be filled with bright sunny spells and occasional cloud cover. Temperatures are slightly cooler, with highs of about 22C.
The wind will also be stronger than today, with gusts hitting 15mph.
Again, there is a slight chance of light showers. However, these are forecast to take place late tomorrow evening into Monday morning.